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How do you innovate to increase both performance and value in your company?

Our experts give perspective to your innovation and your innovative projects. Their goal is to increase your investments in innovation, development of innovative projects and your capacity to finance them. We deliver achievable plans and obtain real results.

R&D Incentives

As Europe’s largest R&D incentives adviser, Ayming is well placed to maximise your claim value, reduce your claim risk, and improve your claims process. In the UK we work with hundreds of SMEs and Large Companies every year, helping them make the most of their research and development. We don’t simply fill out R&D incentive claims. Our specialist consultants work with both finance and technical staff to understand our clients’ business aims, objectives and goals, and then uncover qualifying expenditure.

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Innovation Management

Businesses that innovate are better able to meet the demands of the fast-paced, customer-centric world we live. Innovation is at the heart of Ayming’s business and we work with companies every single day helping them identify areas of opportunity. Through our Innovation Management service we will support your decision-making, help improve your innovation processes and define your strategy, and ultimately help you remain competitive for longer.

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Grant Funding

The grant funding landscape across the globe is incredibly diverse, and there are schemes available for innovative projects and companies of all shapes and sizes. In the UK, Ayming works with businesses of all sizes and helps guide them through the various funding streams offered by the UK Government. The major grant funding stream for the UK is Innovate UK, but we also assist with European grants and regional incentive schemes.

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Your Innovation Partner

We are the preferred partner of companies that want to boost their innovation policy in all of its dimensions. We have expert consultants across all sectors and a unique perspective on innovation resulting from more than 30 years’ experience.

Our bespoke engagements help our customers meet major challenges:

  • To give a strategic vision of technological trends and markets, stages of growth or challenges, and the internal dynamics of the company.
  • To help deliver better data, whether from your ecosystem or internally, for you to make better decisions.
  • To provide the resources to better govern, organise, manage, launch innovative projects or R&D, and remove internal barriers to innovation.
  • To explore and secure financing for innovative projects and research projects, whether solo or in cooperation with partners.
  • To finance your projects: management and securing R&D Tax Credits, Grants or other schemes, dependent upon the jurisdiction.
  • To streamline your processes and enable closer cooperation: through project management, management of joint projects, or improving innovation process performance.
  • To develop employee engagement to deliver better performance over the entire value chain
  • To accelerate your innovation timeline through the use of new digital solutions, such as AI and Smart Data.