Partnering with PE & VC firms

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Ayming collaborates with Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) funds to align their portfolios with the latest HMRC guidelines in the UK, mainly focusing on optimising R&D tax positions and taking advantage of government grant funding. Given Ayming’s global consultancy expertise, we can extend our help to partners with investments worldwide, wherever R&D relief and grant schemes are in place.

We work closely with Portfolio Managers, Heads of Finance and Investment Directors to ensure that companies within their portfolios maximise the available innovation benefits. Given the evolving landscape of R&D Tax, coupled with the complexities related to company structures and ownership levels, it is crucial for companies to receive optimal advice in this dynamic sector. Ayming’s team of tax and sector innovation experts is available to address queries and provide advice on the schemes and changes to both the financial and operational aspects of the HMRC submission process.

Ayming works with funds, providing both advisory services and sharing thought leadership and educational content with clients’ teams and portfolio companies. This approach builds a deeper understanding of the benefits of these innovation funding schemes.

Our Private Equity & Venture Capital Service Offerings

Portfolio – R&D Assessment

Ayming will review and optimise the R&D tax claims for portfolio companies in the UK. We focus on minimising risk through comprehensive assessments of technical and financial data and providing ongoing support to enhance the financial health of your investments.

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Due Diligence – R&D Assessment

A meticulous examination of your target businesses’ historical R&D claims, with assessments by our expert team on technical and financial aspects, including historical data analysis and identification of value enhancement opportunities.

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R&D Enquiry Defence

If a portfolio company faces an ongoing HMRC enquiry for a previous R&D tax claim, Ayming can provide a proactive, strategic approach to guide you through the process. We’ll thoroughly evaluate the current situation and craft a comprehensive response to HMRC on the client’s behalf.

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