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In Ayming’s grant competition scouting service, our team identifies and evaluates grant opportunities for qualifying companies within your fund, increasing your chance of securing non-dilutive funding, creating value, and spearheading growth across your portfolio.

It is difficult for any organisation, large or small, to keep track of all available and relevant grant funding opportunities for ongoing and upcoming innovation projects. By missing grant competition announcements, companies forego vital non-dilutive funding to develop and launch their research and development projects. Ayming’s all-in-one Grant Scouting service is the most effective way to secure grant funding across eligible projects within your portfolio, de-risking innovative technologies and increasing portfolio valuation.

What does a Grant Scouting engagement include?

Our Grant Scouting service can be split into five key steps:

  1. Portfolio analysis: Our grant funding experts will analyse your portfolio, examining each firm’s activities and innovation projects. We will determine which projects are most eligible for upcoming and currently available grant funding opportunities.
  2. Project-to-fund matchmaking: These projects are then scored against bespoke criteria for the determined grant competitions. By employing this approach, portfolio companies understand where to best prioritise their efforts for non-dilutive grant funding.
  3. Eligibility review: Once the projects are matched, the team goes through a more in-depth process directly with the portfolio company carrying out the innovation. This entails information gathering and data capture tailored to the specific competition, and addressing any pre-application questions.
  4. Grant writing: Next, we write the grant application itself. Our MSc/PhD-educated grants consultants are committed to quality. Ayming’s high quality standards ensure a proactive, consistent, and comprehensive application.
  5. Grant alerts: Grant alerts are a quick and easy way to learn about upcoming or new competitions we’re tracking, tailored to the pipeline of innovation projects in your portfolio. The on-demand nature of the alerts reinforces our proactive approach to grant scouting, where we can loop in all important stakeholders with announcements as they arise.

Feasibility versus eligibility

At Ayming, we recommend that our clients apply for grant opportunities that are feasible rather than only eligible.

  • Eligibility refers to the core criteria that all applicants must adhere to in a grant competition. It’s the lowest hurdle required for an application to proceed.
  • Feasibility takes in a wider range of factors, such as overall success rates and funding levels, to give an indication of an applicant’s actual chances of success in a given grant competition.

Some applicants are eligible for certain grant competitions, but their submissions are not realistically feasible for winning the funds. At Ayming, we take pride in our advanced-degree consultants and tried-and-tested approach to grant writing.

Our attention to quality, expertise, and feasibility is why over 90% of our grant applications are successful.

Dr Jonathan Memel, Head of Grants

Why choose Ayming for your portfolio grant scouting?

Ayming offers a comprehensive Grant Scouting programme, handling everything from initial portfolio company analysis to ongoing scouting and final application submission.

Dr Jonathan Memel leads our expert Grants Team and brings invaluable insight with over eight years in grant writing and assessment. With his guidance, we diligently write multiple applications throughout the year, culminating in the award offer letter that adds value to your portfolio.

Our holistic approach streamlines the process, freeing internal teams to concentrate on essential innovation and business-critical priorities.