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Supercharge your R&D tax relief claims with Ayming's online, real-time R&D tax platform.

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Want to improve your R&D tax claim processes and make the most of your innovation? Ayming Advance is our straightforward, online R&D tax claim portal that gives you real-time insight, improved compliance, and reduces your risk profile. Effortlessly manage Additional Information Forms (AIFs), engage your key stakeholders, and optimise your results. Focus on your day-to-day and let Ayming Advance handle the rest.

Ayming Advance streamlines every step of your R&D tax relief claim journey, ensuring compliance, minimising errors, and optimising your process.

Here’s how Ayming Advance empowers your business:

Real-time claim delivery and progress tracking

Ayming Advance facilitates a streamlined R&D tax credit claim process in real-time. You'll have instant access to your claim's progress, allowing for more accurate claims, increased transparency, and peace of mind.

Confidence in compliance

Ayming Advance sees that your R&D tax credit claims comply with the latest regulations. The platform provides FAQs and an intuitive help function which helps navigate HMRC's increased scrutiny of claims.

Reduced errors and robust processes

Ayming Advance links with your financial platforms to streamline data extraction, helping improve your claims' credibility and accuracy. The platform promotes robust, repeatable, and auditable processes, minimising the risk of errors and ensuring a smooth claim journey.

Effortless AIF management

Ayming Advance automates the generation and submission of the Additional Information Form (AIF), and logs the confirmation it receives from HMRC. This eliminates manual tasks and ensures timely submissions, expediting the claim process.

Ayming Advance takes the complexity out of your R&D tax claim process so you can focus on what matters most – innovation.


  • Real-time access: Gain instant visibility into your claim’s progress for complete peace of mind.
  • Designed for Collaboration: We designed Ayming Advance with collaboration at its heart. It provides clarity and transparency and allows you to track the progress of your claim at every stage.
  • Single source for your R&D tax claim information: By bringing all your data together in one place, Ayming Advance ensures the continuity and progress of your claim, even when a team member leaves the business.
  • Reduced workload: Automate manual tasks and save your team valuable time. Accessing your funds earlier can drive further innovation, expand your capabilities, and allows you to address other financial needs.
  • Minimise errors: Streamlined workflows ensure accurate and more credible claims.
  • Prepared in line with HMRC requirements: Ayming Advance is developed in line with HMRC requirements, giving you confidence in the accuracy and completeness of your R&D tax claim.
  • Faster claim processing: Automated AIF management expedites the entire claim journey.

Contact us today for more information on Ayming Advance and how it can enhance your R&D tax relief claim experience.