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The IT & Technology sector is a rapidly growing industry that significantly contributes to the UK economy. It includes a range of industries, from software development to hardware manufacturing and telecommunications to e-commerce. The UK’s highly skilled workforce, strong entrepreneurial culture and government support make it an attractive destination for tech investment and innovation. Major tech companies have significant operations in the UK, while the country is also home to a thriving start-up ecosystem.

Ayming provides consulting services for businesses in the IT and Technology sector. Services include R&D tax credit consultancy, innovation management, and people consulting. With decades of experience, Ayming helps tech companies optimize their financial performance through enhanced innovation while supporting their people-related needs, enabling them to focus on their core business and drive growth.

R&D Tax Relief

Driving innovation in the IT & Technology sector

Tech companies often perform qualifying R&D activities to develop new technologies, products, or processes. By claiming R&D tax relief, tech companies can reduce their tax liability and reinvest the savings into further R&D activities, promoting innovation and growth in the sector.

The UK is renowned for its innovation in the tech sector, focusing on AI, FinTech, Cybersecurity, Healthcare Tech and Autonomous Systems.

Our R&D consultants have extensive expertise in helping tech companies optimize their R&D claims. They bring a deep understanding of tech sector R&D activities and the requirements for successful claims. By leveraging this expertise, Ayming helps tech companies to receive the maximum R&D tax relief benefits for their innovative activities, enabling them to further invest in their R&D and continue to drive growth and innovation.

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