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Controlling tax costs is essential to your company’s long term sustainable development. You need to guarantee the profitability of your investments, work on growth projects and enable them through equity or external financing.

Our aim is to optimize your performance by securing domestic and international taxes. We help you to improve profitability, maximize cash flow, while controlling risk.

Because today’s projects are vectors of tomorrow’s growth, we provide customised solutions and specific results; sources of sustainable performance for your company.

Our consultants work with you to improve the performance of your growth investment policy in three key areas:

  1. Projection and management of taxes
    • Monitoring documentation and barometers
    • Budgetary estimates
    • Identification and mapping of taxes
  2. Securing taxes and obtaining savings
    • Real property tax cost
    • Environment & energy taxes
    • VAT collection
    • Tax credits
    • Customs duties
  3. Improvement of Management Processes
    • Tangible fixed assets
    • VAT registrations and declarations
    • Reliable audit trail
    • Help with tax returns