Portfolio R&D Assessment

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We specialise in optimising your portfolio companies’ R&D tax claims while minimising financial and compliance risks.

By partnering with us, you can make informed decisions, secure valuable tax incentives and enhance the financial health of your investments. With our expertise, you can maximise returns on R&D efforts and ensure that your portfolio is operating at its full potential.

Our service offering includes:

Data Collection: Our process begins with collaborative data collection. We work closely with our partners to gather the documentation from portfolio companies, including technical reports, financial records, and tax documents, ensuring a robust foundation for accurate R&D tax claims.

Technical Assessment: Ayming’s team of R&D experts assess the technical aspects of each portfolio company’s R&D projects. We evaluate eligibility and ensure compliance with tax regulations, providing a clear understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement in your portfolio’s R&D activities.

Financial Assessment: We go beyond technical evaluations by thoroughly reviewing financial data related to R&D claims. Our experts verify expense accuracy and assess financial project risks, offering insights contributing to sound financial decision-making within your portfolio.

Risk Assessment: A comprehensive risk assessment report is a key deliverable for each portfolio company. This report outlines potential issues with R&D claims and offers tailored recommendations for mitigating financial and compliance risks, safeguarding your investments.

Bespoke Fee Structure: Our pricing model ensures that the cost of our services is tailored to each company’s unique R&D claim complexity. This approach provides budget clarity, allowing your portfolio to allocate resources efficiently.

Continuous Support: Depending on our findings, Ayming offers ongoing support. We address identified issues, amend prior R&D claims, and provide guidance to improve future practices. Our commitment is to support your portfolio’s growth and financial well-being proactively.

Maximise Your Portfolio’s Potential

Safeguard your investments and fuel portfolio company growth proactively. Don’t let valuable tax incentives and risk mitigation opportunities slip through the cracks. Contact Ayming today to optimise your portfolio’s potential together.