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The food and beverage manufacturing industry is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector and comprises a diverse and complex supply chain. It contributes more to the economy than other manufacturing sectors, including aerospace and automotive.

Rising costs, increasing regulatory pressures, and ever-changing consumer habits mean food & beverage companies must be agile, innovative, and look after their workforce.

A fast-moving industry demands responsive, streamlined performance. Ayming has strong relationships with our food and beverage clients — who span the entire supply chain. Our experts provide the incisive support that helps food and beverage companies manage innovation, new product development, and their people and performance more effectively.

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R&D Tax Relief

Driving innovation in the Food & Beverage sector

The UK’s food and beverage sector is large and diverse. It is arguably the oldest industry on the planet, yet it is still brimming with innovation. From new products to higher-volume, lower-cost production techniques, the industry is always looking for new ways to produce cheaper, healthier, quicker, more sustainably, and from alternative sources.

Whether innovation is constant or sporadic, food and beverage companies often need to recognise that their efforts entitle them to tax relief. These rebates reduce costs and help fund ongoing innovation and increase competitive advantage.

Qualifying R&D expenditure extends well beyond NPD and modification – to bespoke software, inventory management improvements, new washing lines for ingredients, or improved product packaging.
Our experts combine unrivalled experience working in the Food & Beverage industry, from Michelin-starred food service to food science, with expert knowledge of R&D tax incentives to ensure you receive the benefit your innovation deserves.

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“The staff at Ayming UK have really improved our experience of the tax relief process. Their excellent sector knowledge and efficient approach has made our annual submission much simpler and resulted in a considerable improvement to our claim.”

Mike McClean, Financial Controller, Burton’s Biscuit Company

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