R&D Tax Credits in the Winery & Vineyard Industry

Cover image - R&D Tax Credits in the Winery & Vineyard Industry

Transformation and technological development are daily challenges for companies in the winery sector. However, resolving many of these technical challenges often qualifies as research and development from a tax perspective. What’s more, if you’re undertaking any sort of new product development (NPD), you’re more likely to be eligible for generous tax relief.

What counts as R&D?

If your business is involved with any of the following areas and you are not already claiming R&D tax relief, then it’s likely that you could be.

Projects that may qualify for R&D tax relief include:

  • Developing new or improving bottling, corking, and packaging processes

  • Developing new or improving filtration and fermentation techniques

  • Testing/researching grape strains for new flavours/tastes

  • And many more…

Our specialists can help you make a successful claim

Ayming has the expertise to review the time tracking, contractual agreements, and other industry-specific documentation to deliver accurate results.

Our industry-specific consultants have hands-on experience and knowledge of the Wineries & Vineyards sector. We always take the time to truly understand how your company innovates so that we can expertly identify all qualifying expenditures to help you make a successful claim for R&D tax credits.

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