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In the private equity environment, informed decisions are paramount. Ayming offers a specialised R&D Claim Review and risk assessment service to empower private equity investors during due diligence. Our comprehensive approach enhances investment decisions and minimises financial and compliance risks. Moreover, we uncover opportunities that have the potential to boost enterprise value.

Ayming’s due diligence service involves a meticulous examination of your target businesses’ historical R&D claims with our expert team’s technical and financial assessments.

Here’s how we assist during the due diligence phase:

Historic Data Analysis: We begin with a thorough analysis of your target business’s historical R&D claims. We review essential documentation, including technical reports, financial records, and tax documents. Through this forensic examination, we gain a deep understanding of the company’s R&D activities, providing a solid foundation for the due diligence process.

Technical and Financial Assessment: Ayming’s team of experts, proficient in both technical and financial domains, thoroughly evaluates your target company’s previous R&D projects. This dual perspective ensures a holistic assessment, verifying the eligibility of the projects while ensuring adherence to R&D tax compliance standards. We aim to give you a nuanced understanding of the potential risks and opportunities associated with the target company’s R&D initiatives.

Risk Assessment: We provide comprehensive risk assessment reports for each target company to facilitate well-informed decisions. These reports highlight potential issues and provide strategic recommendations for risk mitigation. Our commitment is to equip you with the insights needed to navigate the intricate landscape of R&D tax status during due diligence.

Value Enhancement Opportunities: Ayming’s analysis goes beyond risk assessment; it identifies value enhancement opportunities within the target company. This includes uncovering unclaimed R&D activities and quantifying immediate value-boosting prospects. We aim to safeguard your investments and assist you in realising the full potential of the target company’s intellectual capital.

Flat Fee Structure: Our service has a transparent and predictable flat fee structure to simplify budgeting. Fees are based on the complexity of each opportunity.

Enhance your investment decisions with a comprehensive R&D tax status understanding

By choosing Ayming, you enhance your investment decisions with a comprehensive understanding of a company’s R&D tax status. Our proven expertise and commitment to due diligence empower you to make strategic, well-informed investment decisions in the fast-paced private equity world.

Ayming is your strategic partner, dedicated to elevating your due diligence processes and ensuring that your investments are built on a foundation of knowledge, risk mitigation, and value enhancement.