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The manufacturing sector is vital to the UK economy, employing over 2.8 million people and contributing £182 billion to GDP in 2021. The industry is home to many businesses, from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises..

The manufacturing sector is constantly evolving, and businesses must be agile and adaptable to succeed. The industry faces several challenges, including Brexit, increased competition, and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, the UK manufacturing sector remains a strong and resilient part of the economy.

The UK manufacturing sector is a major exporter, with over half of its output sold overseas. It is also a significant source of innovation, with UK businesses investing heavily in R&D. The manufacturing sector is essential to the UK’s economic future and will continue to play a vital role in the UK economy.

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R&D Tax Relief

Driving innovation in the Manufacturing sector

Leading R&D tax consultancy Ayming UK helps manufacturers maximise their investment in innovation. The UK manufacturing sector continues to prepare for the future with advances in automation, robots, and new material development, as well as AR, VR, and AI usage in Industry 5.0.

R&D tax credits are essential for advancing research and development. By collaborating with Ayming UK, the UK manufacturing industry can take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of R&D tax incentives and maximise their return on investment in innovation. You can count on our knowledgeable advisors to help you find R&D projects that qualify, create a robust technical justification, and optimise your R&D tax claim.

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