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R&D incentives for Manufacturing

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With the advent of Industry 4.0 the manufacturing sector is going through a period of intense transformation, and complexity and technological development now a daily challenge. However, resolving these technical challenges can often qualify as R&D from a tax perspective and if you’re undertaking any sort of NPD you’re most likely eligible for R&D tax relief.

We’re manufacturing experts who really understand your business

We’re not just tax & accounting professionals…we have teams of specialists who have worked in manufacturing, truly understand your business and can have peer to peer conversations with your team. They understand your projects to be able to identify all eligible expenditure for your R&D tax claims.

Ayming has been incredibly impressive, with brainy people very quickly and efficiently understanding all our R&D prerogatives and delivering the results, leaving us to get on with the cobbling! A pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any company engaged in innovation.
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What counts as R&D?

If your business is involved with any of the following areas then, if you’re not already claiming R&D Tax relief, it’s likely you should be. We have clients who already are.


  • Design and development of new machine prototypes offering functionalities that are not easy to achieve
  • Significant reduction of waste through process and machinery innovation
  • Integration of complex manufacturing processes into one fully automated process
  • Reduction in weight or environmental impact through alternative, materials or manufacturing processes
  • Study of materials to develop alloys or compounds for products with desired physical properties, g. strength, weight flexibility/rigidity, resistance to hot and cold temperatures, radiation or chemicals
  • Complex process development with the design and manufacture of specialised or bespoke tools or jigs for product manufacturing
  • Development of machining or forming processes with greater precision, on a greater scale, or using new materials


  • Structural design of packaging to reduce weight or cost, to increase strength or resilience, or to better protect its contents
  • Increasing the shelf life of package contents through improved protection and atmospheric control
  • Enhancing or improving the print finish use of alternative inks, varnishes or substrates
  • Reduced environmental impact through alternative materials or manufacturing processes
  • Significant reduction of waste through process and machinery innovation
  • Integration of complex manufacturing processes into one fully automated process
  • Use of alternative closure methods such as magnetic closures or re-sealable packages

Why choose Ayming?

  • We’ll optimise your claim value, having increased clients’ historic claims by as much as 6 times
  • We’ll do the legwork and streamline your processes to ensure minimum impact on your team’s time and resources
  • We’ll ensure that your claims are low-risk and robust, safeguarding against any enquiries from HMRC
  • We’ve claimed over £300m of R&D tax credits for our UK clients to date
  • We have a specialist manufacturing team which understands your business to identify qualifying projects
  • We have a 100% claim acceptance rate, with a claim value acceptance rate of over 98%
  • Over 15,000 R&D projects analysed worldwide every year