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Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF)

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) supports the development and deployment of technologies that enable businesses with high energy use to transition to a low carbon future. CapEx grants up to £3.5m awarded in previous rounds.


  • Phase 3 launches in January 2024
  • Closes April 2024
  • Total of £185 million in funding available


  • Accelerate the decarbonisation of the industrial sector by providing grant funding support towards a portion of the costs.
  • Funding support for deployment of new equipment that will reduce industrial carbon emissions and energy consumption.
  • Supports the commercial roll out and permanent installation of energy efficiency and decarbonisation technologies.
  • Reduce costs and risks of industrial decarbonisation technologies.

What is eligible?

Eligible Activity   SIC code   Phase 
Mining and quarrying (a)  07100 through to 08990; 09900 2
Manufacturing  10000 through to 33200 2
Recovery and recycling of materials   3832019 2
 Data centre (b) 63110 2
Controlled Environment Horticulture  1110, 1130, 1190, 1240, 1250, 1280, 1290, 1300, 1610 3
Industrial Laundry and Renting Facilities  96010 3
Coal mining activities, SIC 05101, 05102, and 05200 NOT eligible in Phase 3

b If the parent company SIC Code does not reflect the activity carried out at your site,
for example where a data centre is owned by a telecoms company, you may still be eligible. 

  • Eligible projects: feasibility and engineering studies, energy efficiency & deep decarbonisation technology deployment.
  • Ineligible projects: coal mining activities, standalone power generation, projects focussed only on R&D.

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How can Ayming help?

Strategic grants advisory

Ayming delivers a complete grants programme, managing the whole process from initial grants strategy and advice to ongoing grant scouting and the final grant application. Our total lifecycle approach saves you and your team time so they can focus on the all-important innovation projects, safe in the knowledge that grant funding is being taken care of.

Grant Writing

Ayming’s Grant Writing Service is a one-off engagement with our expert team to increase your chances of success in a particular grant-funding opportunity. We collaborate closely with you to craft a compelling narrative that captivates and excites grant assessors. Ayming proactively addresses potential challenges by identifying and resolving gaps in the early stages, such as securing project partners and sub-contractors. To enhance the likelihood of success, we meticulously define tasks, work packages, and project costs, providing practical and persuasive details that strengthen the overall application.

Grant-Readiness Review

We assess your innovation project against five Innovate UK criteria and score its prospects using our 5-point grant readiness methodology: Innovation, Justification, Market, Impact and Delivery.

Grants leadership

Dr Jonathan Memel, Head of Grants

Jonathan has extensive experience with the major sources of grant funding for UK businesses, including Innovate UK, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) and Horizon Europe. He has won cash grants for clients ranging from MedTech startups (Biomedical Catalyst) to top-3 UK construction companies (Net Zero Living). Before Ayming Jonathan co-led a research funding team at the University of Manchester that achieved 2nd rank for UK grant income.

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