The Benchmark 2024

Your global guide to R&D tax incentives

Cover image - The Benchmark 2024

Welcome to The Benchmark – Ayming’s comprehensive guide for comparing international R&D tax incentive schemes.

Discover the ultimate resource for comparing international R&D tax incentives. Brought to you by Ayming’s expert global R&D consulting team, The Benchmark simplifies your decision-making process by presenting a clear, graphical comparison of key international R&D tax incentives using two essential metrics: Generosity of the scheme and Ease of Application.

Detailed Insights at Your Fingertips

Dive deeper with individual country profiles featuring comprehensive details on each scheme’s application process, benefits, eligible claim periods, and more. Stay informed with the latest, most accurate information to strategically enhance your R&D tax planning.

What’s new in the 2024 edition?

  • Expanded Coverage: Now includes 24 countries across Europe, The Americas, and Asia.
  • Innovative Additions: Introduction of IP Box and Patent Box details, where available.
  • Enhanced Visuals: New global and regional maps showcasing Ease of Application and Generosity.
  • Latest Updates: Comprehensive updates reflecting the latest legislative changes, with a fully revised UK profile.

How does The Benchmark empower you?

We understand that no two R&D tax regimes are exactly alike, and there is a multitude of legislation, interpretation, and policy to consider when drawing a comparison. However, there are some major benefits to having this information to hand, especially for international businesses operating across multiple jurisdictions:

  • Enhance Financial Strategy: Make informed decisions with clear, concise information that improves financial planning and forecasting accuracy.
  • Streamline Decision-Making: Easily compare R&D tax incentives to determine the best investment opportunities.
  • Identify Opportunities Quickly: Use straightforward graphics to compare and identify new R&D tax incentive opportunities.
  • Gain Detailed Understanding: Each country profile offers an in-depth look at individual R&D tax incentive schemes, enabling you to grasp crucial details effortlessly.

Mark Smith, Managing Director, Ayming UK said, “Businesses and governments recognise the advantages of boosting R&D investment. When investing in an R&D project, businesses must decide which location best suits their project. However, existing comparative research can be long and complex making it difficult for companies to understand key information on the R&D tax processes of other countries. The Benchmark cuts through that complexity. When we introduced The Benchmark, we had a clear goal; making it easier for businesses to boost their R&D spending and feel more confident that they are getting the most out of the tax incentives on offer around the world. We’re delighted that The Benchmark continues to offer this clarity.”

Why Choose The Benchmark?

Strategic and agile R&D investment decisions are essential in today’s competitive global marketplace. The Benchmark equips you with the knowledge and tools to make these decisions confidently.

Download The Benchmark today—unlock the potential of your R&D investments and navigate global tax incentives with ease and precision.