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The Benchmark 2021

Comparing global R&D tax incentives schemes

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Welcome to the 4th edition of The Benchmark – Ayming’s annual independent review of international R&D tax incentive schemes.

No two R&D tax regimes are exactly alike, and there is a multitude of legislation, interpretation and policy to consider when drawing a comparison. Ayming has leveraged its global R&D tax expertise to create an annual independent review of R&D incentive schemes around the world – We call it The Benchmark.

Complete with individual national profiles across 15 major countries, The Benchmark gives you a user-friendly and straightforward overview of global R&D incentive schemes. Our R&D consulting teams have extensive knowledge of local R&D tax regimes. Using this unrivalled experience, we’re able to deliver a meaningful yet simple comparison.

What’s in The Benchmark 2021?

Ayming’s global R&D consulting team has made it possible to easily compare key international R&D tax incentive schemes on a like-for-like basis.

Using our global R&D tax expertise, we’ve distilled each scheme down into two clear metrics – Generosity of the scheme and Ease of Application. These metrics help you understand how different governments encourage innovation and empower you to make more educated decisions. 

The Benchmark includes a simple graphic allowing you to easily compare key international R&D tax incentive schemes on a like-for-like basis. The simple visual overview will enable you to digest the in-depth methodology easily and directly compare with two clear metrics: Generosity of the scheme and Ease of Application.

With this guide, you will be able to answer critical questions such as :

  • Is foreign-owned R&D eligible?
  • Must R&D occur in the country?
  • How many previous financial years are claimable?
  • Is pre-approval required?
  • Are other R&D incentives available?
  • What is the level of review or enquiry expected?

If you’re looking for a simple way to compare international R&D Tax schemes or to get an easy-to-understand overview of your country’s scheme, The Benchmark is for you!

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