The Benchmark 2023

A simple way to compare and understand global R&D tax incentives

Cover image - The Benchmark 2023

Welcome to The Benchmark – Ayming’s comprehensive guide for comparing international R&D tax incentive schemes.

Our global R&D consulting team has made it possible to easily compare key international R&D tax incentive schemes on a like-for-like basis in one simple graphic, using two clear metrics: Generosity of the scheme and Ease of Application. In addition to the main graphic, we also provide individual country profiles that give an overview of each of the schemes included in The Benchmark. Our country profiles contain detailed information on each R&D tax incentive scheme, including the application process, benefits, eligible claim period, and more.

At Ayming, we’re committed to providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate information to make informed decisions about R&D tax incentives. With The Benchmark, you can easily compare international R&D tax schemes and gain a better understanding of your country’s scheme.

How can The Benchmark help me?

We understand that no two R&D tax regimes are exactly alike, and there is a multitude of legislation, interpretation, and policy to consider when drawing a comparison. However, there are some major benefits to having this information to hand, especially for international businesses operating across multiple jurisdictions:

Improve financial planning and forecasting

The Benchmark‘s easy-to-understand information helps you make informed decisions about R&D tax incentives, helping to increase the accuracy and reliability of information used in financial planning and forecasting.

Improve decision making

The ability to compare different R&D tax incentives from around the world in one simple guide can facilitate better decision-making around where to invest in R&D.

Quickly identify new opportunities

Easy-to-understand graphics that allow for quick comparison of R&D tax incentive schemes, which can help to quickly identify potential opportunities for R&D tax incentives.

Better understand individual schemes

Individual country profiles provide an overview of each R&D tax incentive scheme, including application processes, benefits, eligible claim periods, and more.

Mark Smith, Partner for Innovation Incentives at Ayming UK said, “Businesses and governments recognise the advantages of boosting R&D investment. When investing in an R&D project, businesses must decide which location best suits their project. However, existing comparative research can be long and complex making it difficult for companies to understand key information on the R&D tax processes of other countries. The Benchmark cuts through that complexity. When we introduced The Benchmark, we had a clear goal; making it easier for businesses to boost their R&D spending and feel more confident that they are getting the most out of the tax incentives on offer around the world. We’re delighted that The Benchmark continues to offer this clarity.”

In today’s global marketplace, companies need to be strategic and agile in their R&D investment decisions. The Benchmark is the tool you need to make those decisions with confidence. So why wait? Download The Benchmark today and take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your R&D investment.