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Our most comprehensive service: Strategic advice, grants tracking and application, on hand throughout the year.

Larger organisations typically pursue multiple innovation projects across different parts of their business at any one time. However, they rarely have a coherent Grant-funding strategy to successfully exploit all the available funding opportunities that support this innovation activity.

Ayming’s Strategic Grants Advisory is the answer to forming and utilising a coherent grant funding strategy. We’ll work with you to deliver a strategy that supports your investment plans, analysing the most likely eligible and competitive innovation projects.

We then match those projects with upcoming funding opportunities as they are announced. An innovative business rarely has the time to devote to this constant grants scouting. With our grants team backing your innovation, you will hear about the grant competitions that are most relevant to your business at the very earliest stage. No more missing out or hearing that your competitors have landed lucrative grant funding from competitions you weren’t aware of.

We can also help recruit consortia members and partner organisations to increase the likely success of your grant-funded project, drawing on where needed on our network of 15 grants teams worldwide.

And, of course, we’ll write the grant application itself, ensuring that your submission is presented to the grant assessors as an appealing and compelling solution.

Why work with Ayming’s Strategic Grants Advisory?

Ayming delivers a complete grants programme, managing the whole process from initial grants strategy and advice to ongoing grant scouting and the final grant application. Our total lifecycle approach saves you and your team time so they can focus on the all-important innovation projects, safe in the knowledge that grant funding is being taken care of.

Dr Jonathan Memel leads Ayming’s expert Grants Team. He’s worked as an assessor for Innovate UK and has extensive first-hand experience of what successful grant applications look like.

We collaborate with your team to compile all the information necessary for the grant applications, including previous applications, business plans, financials, market data and competitor information.

Throughout the year, we’ll write multiple applications on your behalf as grant competitions are announced, saving you 100+ hours and leaving your team to get on with what they do best: innovation.

Ayming’s comprehensive grant application service includes submitting a robust, ready-to-submit application through to the award offer letter.