Partnering for success

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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Ayming. The UK’s generous R&D incentive schemes can help businesses of all sizes to innovate and grow. And partnering with Ayming is a way to achieve this.

We believe for the UK to maintain its position as a global leader, as many British businesses as possible must leverage these schemes. Our commitment is to provide you and any company you introduce to us with the best possible service. The team at Ayming has a wealth of experience in helping businesses navigate the UK’s R&D incentive schemes, optimising their claim value, supporting their bottom line and providing ongoing account management for future claims.

Collaborate for growth

Collaborating with Ayming could open new and exciting opportunities for mutual growth and success. Ayming specialises in helping businesses maximise their potential through Research and Development (R&D) incentives and grants. Our expertise in this area allows us to add huge value to organisations in many sectors, and we are eager to connect with business owners and senior finance professionals.

We are committed to making the entire partnership process as seamless and rewarding as possible by providing support every step of the way.

Who do we partner with?

We work with organisations and individuals and their networks, be they clients, members, portfolio or allied companies.

  • Accountancy firms
  • Tax advisors, trade associations & professional bodies
  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Cost advisors
  • R&D advisors
  • Patent attorneys

We’d be happy to talk to you about the opportunities in your network.

What is R&D Tax Relief?

HMRC set up the R&D Tax Relief Scheme in 2000 as an incentive for UK businesses to increase innovation in Science and Technology. This programme has two schemes; one for SMEs and one for large companies. Both schemes enable companies to reduce their tax liability based on expenditure attributable to “qualifying R&D projects”. Qualifying expenditure generally consists of internal staff costs and external consultants or contractors. It can also include consumable items such as materials and components and software licences used in the process of R&D.

This tax reduction is calculated as a proportion of the qualifying expenditure (“QE”) and is dependent on which scheme is applicable. If a company is in a loss-making position, it can still benefit from these schemes and is eligible to receive a cash credit instead from HMRC.

Why does your network need a specialist R&D Tax provider?

R&D incentives are a complex, niche area of tax and have been in constant flux in recent years. To make the most of the incentive, companies need expertise in taxation as well as a technical understanding of their particular field of science or technology.

At Ayming our team is comprised of scientists, engineers, and software developers alongside our tax experts to ensure clients get the maximum benefit to which they’re entitled. Companies using their accountants or making claims in-house simply don’t have the relevant expertise to make the most of the scheme.

What our referral partners say

“Working with Ayming is a delight. Their expertise in innovation funding and R&D support is impressive and the friendly sales team makes collaboration a pleasure.”

Richard Grantham

Owner | Business Cost Recovery


“I have introduced numerous contacts and Ayming has consistently impressed with their availability, prompt follow-ups, and professional approach. I have built a great relationship with the Head of Strategic Partnerships and he’s always willing to discuss potential opportunities.”

Richard Abrahams

CEO & Co-Founder | Sprout Invest


“By collaborating with Ayming, I can offer added value to my network by connecting them with a leading provider focused on innovation funding and R&D support. Ayming is always eager to share valuable content, making my role as a partner as simple as possible.”

Paul Hudson

Director | Sophus Commercial Management

Partnership FAQs

How does the partnership programme work?

It’s really simple. Once you’ve joined the programme we work with you to help you identify the right targets in your network. We then ask that you introduce us to your contacts and we will set up an initial meeting with them to find any R&D Tax Relief opportunity.

Who is eligible to be a partner with Ayming?

We work with both individuals and organisations including:

  • Accountancy firms
  • Tax advisors, trade associations & professional bodies
  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Cost advisors
  • R&D advisors
  • Patent attorneys

We’d be happy to talk to you about the opportunities in your network.

What makes an ideal referral?

R&D Tax Relief is a benefit to support and encourage organisations engaged in Innovation and R&D. We work with CFOs and FDs, Senior Tax Professionals and Heads of Innovation and R&D, amongst others, across all sectors including:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
  • Building & Construction
  • Software Development & Technology
  • Engineering: Chemical, Electrical & Civil
  • Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Energy & Renewables
  • FMCG

How much do I need to know about R&D Tax Relief?

Don’t worry, we don’t need you to be an expert. We’re happy to give you an overview and we’ll also provide you with co-branded marketing materials that you can easily share with your clients. We’ll take it from there.

How does the partnership programme increase my network’s loyalty?

By offering complementary services to your network, you are extending your service offering and providing added client value. You and your client also get peace of mind, knowing that they are working with the UK and Europe’s leading R&D Tax specialist.

How much of a time commitment is being a partner?

That’s up to you. If you want to join us at meetings with your clients, we’d love you to come along. Otherwise, all we ask is that you give us a personal introduction and we can do the rest.

What support do you provide to your partners?

We work closely with our partners to ensure that the relationship is successful. We’ll partner you with one of our R&D specialists, who can answer any questions, and provide as much support as you need.

We’ll also make sure you have co-branded marketing materials, by sector, that you can share with your network, so they can easily understand the opportunity. They give a simple overview of the scheme and include examples of eligible activity and expenditure, so your clients understand whether they are likely to make a successful claim.