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Automotive companies: How to drive change

Amid the surge of change and technological disruption, our experts help companies streamline their innovation performance, exploit innovation incentives and access grant funding.

Driving transformative change

Automotive companies are re-engineering themselves as they invest in the future of electric vehicles and driverless cars while also responding to pressure to make combustion engines more efficient and less polluting. In an industry in the throes of profound change, a strategic approach to innovation, R&D tax, and grant funding is essential to sustain success.

At Ayming, we help organisations achieve extraordinary results through the wise use of expertise and technology to accelerate their growth.

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A holistic approach

Ayming is a trusted partner, known for our work boosting financial efficiency through R&D tax reliefs and innovation grant funding.

With 1,300 consultants advising thousands of clients in 15 countries, we have a 30-year track record of spearheading transformative change in organisations and business outcomes.

At Ayming, we take a holistic approach. Our consultant teams can draw on a range of specialist skills – in data analytics, R&D incentives, taxation and grant funding – all underpinned by real-world experience. This combination helps them diagnose underlying problems and design more comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of the business as a whole.

We deal in results, not reports. We don’t just devise change programmes, we implement them, and we share risks and rewards with our clients.

Anticipating threats and opportunities

The solutions we provide are tailored to the particular needs of each client. But we have proven methods and services developed to overcome common challenges.

Managing innovation

A strategy for innovation is crucial. We help companies manage their innovation strategies by building a better understanding of their competitive environment. Then we define the innovation levers that will enable them to anticipate market trends.

Ayming innovation strategy specialists advise on a wide variety of projects, taking full account of regulations and changing consumer expectations.

We also help fund ongoing investment in innovation by maximising the recovery of costs through R&D tax relief, giving our clients a competitive advantage

Our R&D tax credit specialists handle over 15,000 projects each year, securing around €1 billion in extra funding for our clients. They are experts in assembling robust claims to satisfy the most complex of government R&D schemes all around the world.

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Streamlining tax costs

Tax is a burden on any business. The complexity posed by multiple taxes – from real estate to VAT/GST, environmental and energy to local and sector taxes – makes it harder to manage that burden.

However, as with costs in other areas, such as operations or procurement, increasing tax efficiency can unlock savings and drive competitive advantage.

For over 30 years, we have been helping companies reduce their tax costs and increase profitability.

Our tax specialists work within multidisciplinary teams to analyse your position and identify opportunities to reduce liabilities, recover tax and maximise credits. Ayming services range from the recovery of VAT from tax authorities in more than 50 countries and managing compliance to optimising tariffs on imported goods.

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