The UK Agri-Food Innovation Report

International insights & UK funding opportunities

Cover image - The UK Agri-Food Innovation Report

The United Kingdom’s agri-food sector stands out for its abundant agricultural resources, diverse climate conditions, innovative farming methods, and premium-quality products. This sector encompasses various activities and sub-sectors, including crop cultivation, livestock farming, fisheries, food processing, and distribution.

The present condition of the UK’s agri-food industry presents a mix of challenges and opportunities. Global supply chain disruptions, driven by various factors, such as events like the Ukraine conflict, have amplified the demand for British agri-food products in international markets. However, these disruptions have also brought about adverse effects.

To support the necessary innovation and development within the agri-food industry, the UK Government offers Research and Development Tax Credits and an extensive array of grants. These incentives are meticulously designed to ignite innovation, promote sustainable practices, fortify food security, facilitate market access, expand capacity, and heighten the competitiveness of domestic entities in the global landscape.

As British businesses confront challenges like rising inflation and interest costs, as well as labour market complexities, government innovation funding has become an increasingly indispensable resource. Ayming’s expert Food & Beverage team is dedicated to providing valuable insights into the opportunities available within the UK, helping agri-food businesses drive innovation and advance the overall landscape of the UK’s agri-food sector.

This report covers:

  • The need for a paradigm shift
  • Innovation funding
  • R&D tax credits
  • UK grants
  • Case studies
  • Why Ayming?