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Intro to the client

Lightful, founded in 2014 by Carlos Miranda, Vinay Nair, and Johnny Murnane, has a mission to help non-profits build trust and raise more money online, which has a positive impact on society by helping non-profits achieve their goals and make a difference in the world. Lightful does this by providing training on digital storytelling, fundraising, and social media marketing, offering tools and resources to help non-profits track their progress and measure their impact. It connects non-profits with donors and funders as well as being an advocate for policies that support the non-profit sector.

Relationship with Ayming

Lightful has been a client since 2015, and we have built a positive long-term working relationship with them. Through detailed understanding of Lightful’s business goals and practices, Ayming has brought significant efficiencies to their R&D Tax claim process. We were able to finalise the most recent claim in just a few weeks rather than what has historically taken months. Ayming was able to add value through improved overall efficiency to meet Lightful’s deadlines.


Insights - Case Study - Lightful

What Ayming did

Three members of Ayming’s Tech consulting team worked with Lightful’s team on the engagement. Using a successful, tried and tested methodology, combined with consistent communication with Lightful’s competent professionals, the claim was delivered in record time ready to submit to HMRC. Ayming’s Tech consulting team have a background in the tech sector, which meant they had peer-to-peer discussions to clearly understand and identify the innovation taking place.

Results & Innovation

The internet may not have an obvious, visible impact on the planet, but every email sent, web page visited, photo uploaded or video streamed requires energy. Energy is consumed by data centres where the ever-increasing amounts of data produced are stored, through networks that transfer this data around the world. Finding ways to make Lightful’s website sustainable meant significant technological uncertainty was faced by the competent professionals throughout the development process of this project.

We have developed a long-term relationship with Ayming to deliver our R&D Tax claim each year. The benefit of this is that since 2015, we have further developed our engagement process with the Ayming team to deliver the latest claim in record time.
Johnny Murnane, COO & Technical Advisory
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Our client


  • Help non-profits develop the skills, tools and confidence to build trust and gain support online.
  • Founded in 2014