Black History Month 2022

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October 18, 2022

The theme for Black History Month 2022 is “Time for Change: Action Not Words.’ This year’s Black History Month celebrates the continued achievements and contributions of Black people to the UK and around the world. It’s also a time for continued action to tackle racism, reclaim Black history, and ensure Black history is represented and celebrated all year round. Ayming is proud to be raising money for Show Racism the Red Card.

We spoke to some of our team about what Black History Month means for them.

What does Black History month mean to you?

Ade Adeola, Senior Manager, R&D Tax. – “Growing up in Nigeria, Black History Month wasn’t something we celebrated. It wasn’t until moving to the UK that I started to appreciate it and understand just how important it is. There are still so many misconceptions about black people.”

Bila Turay, Senior Consultant, R&D Tax. – “Black History Month is important to me as it means celebrating and acknowledging black achievement.”

Kevin Otenyo, Associate Consultant, R&D Tax. – “For me, Black History Month is an opportunity to proudly shine a light on black history, which has been selectively untold over the years.”

Why is it so important in this day and age?

Ade – “It is crucial in this day and age as technology has provided a means for us to re-educate the world about many false learnings and assumptions that have unfortunately existed for centuries. It’s also important to showcase why we are black and proud and to encourage people not to buy into the narrative that people of colour shouldn’t be celebrated.”

Bila -“We should never forget the struggles and difficulties faced by black people, and Black History Month is the time to remind the world.”

Kevin – “Black History Month helps to galvanise and serve as a reminder of the efforts still required to eradicate racism, prejudice and social injustice.”

Which Black historical figure would you want to have a walk and talk with? And why?

Ade – “Nelson Mandela. I’d like to ask him how he was so gracious in his reconciliation, leadership and life, generally following what he went through during the apartheid years.”

Bila -“Barack Obama. He is a pivotal figure.”

Kevin – “Rosa Parks. I would like to understand what gave her the courage to remain sitting and her hope for black people at that moment.”

Why is diversity important within Consulting and the STEM industry?

Ade – “Diversity is vital in all walks of life, and it shouldn’t be limited to any specific industry or sector. In our diversity lies our strength, be it race, tribe or gender.

Bila – “I was one of the few black people and women on my University course. Diversity is important to ensure everyone feels represented – in STEM, consulting, and the wider working world.”

Kevin – “Diversity ensures we accommodate everyone’s needs and interests at the decision-making tables. It allows people of all backgrounds to demonstrate their qualities and capabilities.”