R&D Tax Credits

Ayming is Europe’s largest R&D tax incentive funding advisor. We have offices all over Europe, and qualified research and development tax credit experts in every sector, from Construction and Engineering to Bio-chemistry and Sustainability.

In the UK, we work with hundreds of SMEs and Large Companies, working with them to make the most of their research and development. This isn’t just about filling in an R&D tax claims. We work with finance and technical staff at our clients’ organisations to understand their business, understand their goals and objectives and then to uncover qualifying research and development expenditure.

Assisting our clients’ with their R&D claim is just one part of our innovation advisory. We act as an innovation partner to the majority of our clients. So, not only do we help with your R&D claim, we advise on best practice in recording research and development within your projects to help with future claims, we advise on business process and how you can better approach future innovation, and how you can utilise R&D tax credits to improve cash flow.

Our Consultants

We know first-hand how time-consuming and complicated claiming R&D tax credits can be, which is why we only hire the best.

Our consultants are industry experts, from Chartered Chemical Engineers to Software Developers, they understand your business and can help identify areas in every project that could qualify for research and development tax relief.

Put simply, Ayming is best placed to help you achieve the best results possible with regards to your R&D tax claim. We’re here to dig deeper, work harder and make your life easier, whilst ensuring you receive the maximum benefit for your innovative projects.

What are R&D tax credits?

What exactly are R&D tax credits? What counts as qualified expenditure? Surely R&D tax is only for lab coats and blue-sky research?

We speak to companies every single day who don’t believe the R&D tax incentive schemes apply to them. In reality R&D for tax purposes covers a much broader range of activities than you might think. And the R&D tax incentive schemes are designed to be applicable to all industries. You would never willingly give your competitors an advantage, so don’t miss out on claiming generous R&D tax relief whilst your peers are benefitting.

If you’re not sure if you could be claiming R&D tax credits, or if you’re just not sure if you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to then contact us today. With over £150m of R&D tax credits claimed for our UK clients, we’re well placed to guide you through this niche area of tax. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, and across a wide variety of industries to ensure their business enjoys the maximum financial rewards.

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Find the right R&D tax relief service for you...

Every business is different, and whilst most of our clients choose our ‘Complete’ service offering, guiding you through the R&D tax claim process from start-to-finish, we recognise that this isn’t right for everyone.  That’s why we offer a range of options and can compile a bespoke proposal best suited to your needs and the approach you wish to take.

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  • ‘Health Check’ review
  • Feasibility study
  • Assessment of previous R&D tax claims
  • Analysis of current processes


  • Full management of R&D tax claim
  • On-site presence data collection (we do all the legwork)
  • Full R&D claim report
  • Liaison with HMRC
  • Defence of enquiries


  • In-house assistance supporting your R&D team
  • Implement best practice processes or help to complete your R&D tax claim


  • Bespoke training programme(s)
  • Tailored to suit your R&D tax team’s needs and experience


  • Defence of existing R&D claim taken into enquiry by HMRC