Grant Funding

Here at Ayming UK, we support our clients to find and access grant funding for their R&D and Innovation projects, across many sectors and funding schemes.

UK Grant Funding

UK grant funding

The UK grant funding landscape is diverse, and there are schemes available for innovative projects and companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors. The major grant funding stream for business-led R&D projects is viaInnovate UK, which funds start-ups, SMEs and large companies in both individual and collaborative projects. SMEs or large companies leading collaborative projects can also involve universities and research organisations to help solve specific challenges in their value-chain.

In the UK, there is also a patchwork of regional grant funding schemes available, to boost business competitiveness, sustainability, growth and job creation. Strong Government policy to support SME growth means that the SME segment is clearly a major target of regional funding. But inward investment by large companies to the regions is also supported, often by a combination of grants and loans.


European (EU) grant funding

The current European (EU) grant funding programme is Horizon 2020 (H2020), with 80 billion euros available from 2014 to 2020. H2020 has many different competitions and opportunities, including the SME Instrument, Fast Track to Innovation, collaborative calls covering all sectors and societal challenges, and fundamental research competitions such as Marie Curie.

H2020 funding competitions range from individual SME Research & Development & Innovation (R&D&I) projects through to larger, multiple stakeholder, cross-border, collaborative projects.

Whilst the accessibility of EU funding post-Brexit for UK organisations is still to be confirmed, UK businesses, universities and research centres can still apply for and access EU funding at present. Organisations should not be put off from applying for European grants – even since the EU referendum, we still have UK-led projects winning European funding. For us, it is just ‘business as usual’.

Our knowledge and experience in a diverse range of sectors including energy, environment, health and agri-food allow us to achieve consistently high success rates in both Horizon 2020 and UK grant funding streams.