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EU Grants

Obtaining European grant funding is about as competitive as it gets.  Let us help you realise the value of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 funding programme for your organisation. Working with one of our grants and innovation experts, you can build a tailored solution best suited to your needs from our end-to-end service portfolio. Whether you're an old hand and just want a second set of eyes cast over your latest funding application, or you need a partner to help guide you through the complex process of applying for EC funding, we're here to help. Our most commonly used services are:

Project Set-Up & Application Management

Have you got an innovative project which would benefit from a financial boost? Our European Grants experts can identify relevant calls within Horizon 2020, help you to set the project up in an optimal manner, identify suitable partners from our 4000+ contacts for collaborative projects and manage your grant application. Our team will draw on a wealth of experience about how best to set up and manage your project, having built up more than 1000 project applications since 2002. We can help you make the most of EU Funding.

Proposal Review

Securing European grant funding is notoriously difficult, with current success rates for applications submitted to Horizon 2020 standing at around 1 in 10. Yet we’re proud to boast a 1 in 3 success rate. So why not draw on that expertise and get your proposals reviewed by one of our European Grants specialists? We can conduct a review of proposals before they’re submitted or we can even provide you with an assessment and suggested improvements for previously unsuccessful proposals. Whichever option you need, our aim is always to get your proposal in the best possible shape before the next suitable call and increase your chances of securing funding.

Project Management

Have you successfully secured Horizon 2020 funding? The next steps are vital. Your successful project needs to be managed effectively to comply with the European Commission’s expectations. We have extensive experience managing collaborative EU funding projects or providing project management support to the Project Coordinator.  

Workshops & Training

Do you want to improve your in-house capabilities? The European funding landscape is evolving; make sure you don’t get left behind. We can work with you to develop bespoke training and workshops tailored to the knowledge and experience of your teams. This can be particularly helpful for research and administrative staff within Universities who want to update their knowledge on EU funding and ensure they’re taking the right approach for Horizon 2020.