NEWS 17 May 2016

Ayming UK appoints new Director of Operations Performance Business Unit

Alejandro Alvarez joins the UK team as UK Director of Operations Performance.

Ayming, the international business performance consultancy group, has today announced the appointment of Alejandro Alvarez as UK Director for Operations Performance.

Alejandro has been brought in to launch Ayming’s UK Operations Performance business unit, which will focus on helping clients improve their operational efficiency, procurement & supply chain performance and working capital. This builds on Ayming’s international expertise in operational performance improvement to deliver long-term measurable cost savings and efficiencies for businesses.

Prior to joining Ayming, Alejandro was a Principal at Efficio Consulting Limited, where he played a significant role in the company’s growth and strategic direction. As Principal, Alejandro was also responsible for overseeing projects across several industries including financial services, retail, insurance, utilities, manufacturing and logistics.

“Ayming is a breath of fresh air in the industry and the way in which they approach business performance is truly exciting,” said Alejandro. “Ayming’s existing UK services are focused on tangible P&L impact and cost savings for clients, through innovation funding and VAT services. The launch of our operations performance unit in the UK will help businesses in another equally important way to drive efficiencies and cost reductions for our clients, all with the same goal of achieving positive bottom line impact. Ayming UK already provides a world-class service for its clients and I hope to play a central role in continuing and improving the great work it already offers.”

Martin Hook, UK Managing Director, Ayming said: “Bringing the operations performance business unit to the UK was the next logical step for us, extending our successes from around the globe. By offering an innovative and effective take on business performance improvement, we are able to provide our clients with the insight they need to lead in their industries. Alejandro has a wealth of experience and was the perfect candidate to steer this service line. He will play an integral role in our UK leadership team as we continue to expand, and we look forward to Alejandro helping to drive the business forward.” 

The appointment follows the successful merger of Alma CG and Lowendalmasaï in 2015 and the subsequent formation of Ayming, which has strengthened the company’s international presence and service offerings. Alejandro will join the UK management team, led by Managing Director Martin Hook.