Webinar: Mastering the New Merged R&D Tax Scheme

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Join Benjamin Craig, Associate R&D Tax Director at Ayming, as he demystifies the newly introduced merged R&D incentive scheme.

This informative session is tailored for UK businesses keen on optimising their R&D tax claims process. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from an industry expert how the new scheme will transform your R&D investment strategy.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding the Merged R&D Tax Scheme:
    Dive into the details of the new government initiative, which consolidates the existing R&D tax credit and R&D expenditure credit schemes into one streamlined process. This change aims to lessen the administrative load, enabling businesses of all sizes to claim the relief they deserve more easily.
  • Implementation and Impact:
    Starting from April 1, 2024, discover how the merged R&D tax scheme offers distinct rates of relief for different business categories. Learn how R&D-intensive SME claims differ and what benefits are available to the rest of the market.
  • Navigating Changes in R&D Tax Credits:
    Gain critical insights into the upcoming modifications to the R&D tax schemes and understand how these changes could affect your business’s eligibility and the potential benefits you could claim. This session is invaluable for those looking to establish a robust groundwork for future R&D claims.

Why attend?

If you are a business in the UK investing in R&D, learn more about the merged R&D tax scheme to determine if you are eligible for these substantial benefits. This scheme can significantly boost your bottom line and support your innovation efforts.

Your Speaker

Ben Craig is an Associate Director in R&D Tax at Ayming UK and part of the consulting leadership team. He has an MMath from the University of Oxford and is a Member of the Association of Tax Technicians. Ben oversees the delivery process for Ayming’s major clients, engaging with key stakeholders and project managing a team of consultants. In addition, he is responsible for HMRC interactions on behalf of Ayming, carries out quality assurance reviews of technical reports and financial calculations, and coordinates Ayming’s internal training programme.