The AI innovation report

Innovation funding opportunities in the UK

Cover image - The AI innovation report

At a macro-level there are many challenges facing society, whether geopolitical, technological or sustainability related. A more deliberate, mindful, and comprehensive approach to managing innovation is needed to generate maximum value and be truly sustainable. Many organisations have or are now making the shift to purpose-driven innovation by leveraging AI.

And there are a number of UK government funding programmes that are engineered with these concerns and approaches in mind. This mindful type of AI innovation concretely translates into modern technology to help us make better decisions, optimise the resources to which we have access, protect the environment, and improve lives.

Not unlike the advent of the internet, the potential of AI to drive innovation is seemingly limitless, and the reality is that there is potential for short-sighted as well and malign goals. What will come out of the “AI revolution” ultimately depends on us, by the guardrails we impose on progress, based on the values we stand for.

Exploring the full potential of AI is an opportunity for us to consider what fundamentally makes us human. A glance into a blurry mirror providing a small, partial reflection into the truth of our essence. Let us look forward to this opportunity, and in return, learn more about ourselves, as well as finding innovative solutions to the issues we face.

In this report, we cover several reasons why leveraging AI innovation may be relevant for businesses, as well as outline the key considerations organisations should include in their decision-making process. We then outline innovation funding opportunities, both R&D Tax reliefs and Grants, that are currently available in the UK.

Topics include:

  • AI – A mix of fear and wonder
  • Why is AI relevant in UK businesses?
  • Key considerations for AI innovation
  • The impact of the UK’s R&D tax credits scheme on AI
  • UK grant funding opportunities for AI innovation