R&D Tax Credits

Providing expert R&D Tax Relief support to silage protection specialists Bruno Rimini

“The success of Bruno Rimini’s Silostop® products is a direct result of our commitment to innovation. The UK’s R&D Tax Relief scheme recognises this innovation, and Ayming UK have provided us with the expert support to access the full benefits of the scheme. They offer excellent customer service coupled with a highly competent understanding of both technical and financial aspects"


  -Roberto Tavarelli, Accountant, Bruno Rimini

The Projects

Bruno Rimini’s main products are sold under the Silostop® registered trademark. Silostop® falls under two main categories, Silostop® Bunker Film and Silostop® Bunker Protection. The company is continuously improving its product range in order to remain at the forefront of the industry. Innovations were found across numerous projects within our client's portfolio, including:  

Identifying & Claiming Eligible R&D Tax Benefits

Silostop® Bunker Film & Stretch Bale Film  

Improvement of the unique formula used to manufacture the film, enhancing performance compared to traditional silage plastic sheets.  Reduction in OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) and dry matter loss.

Silostop® Bunker Protection

Increased protection of silage sheets from physical damage.

And How We Helped...

The Ayming UK R&D tax team successfully compiled and submitted four claims on Bruno Rimini’s behalf, identifying:  

2011: £84,347 of eligible R&D  

2012: £59,740 of eligible R&D 

2013: £126,191 of eligible R&D 

2014: £108,087 of eligible R&D 

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About Bruno Rimini 

Bruno Rimini develops innovative oxygen barrier film products that protect silage / other feedstuff for the farming industry.