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December 16, 2022

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences have been a priority for our innovation team this year. Like many others, the sector has seen rapid change in the wake of the pandemic and R&D in the pharmaceutical industry remains paramount.

The Pharma team at Ayming started off the year with a big stake in the ground on the thought leadership front with a whitepaper entitled “Taking the panic out of the pandemic”. This provides a fascinating insight into the present danger of zoonoses, as shown by this pandemic. It highlights that nobody was prepared for Covid-19 despite a pandemic being near the top of risks among world governments and the World Bank for decades and runs through learnings and intelligent solutions, including a ‘one planet’ approach.

This year, the Life Sciences team have also explored webinars. In March, they scheduled a webinar on the R&D tax credit opportunities in the Life Sciences sector to provide guidance on maximising their funding. The webinar was hosted by Dr Naomi Ikeda and Thomas Boaden, who discussed all things R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, including upcoming changes to the scheme and common mistakes made in applications.

Shortly after the webinar, Thomas Boaden wrote an article highlighting important R&D tax changes and exemptions for the Life Sciences industry. The Government announced plans to restrict claims relating to activity subcontracted outside the UK to try and bring R&D in the pharmaceuticals industry activity back into the UK. However, Boaden wanted to highlight important exceptions to these rules relating to overseas clinical trials and data processing.

In July, the Life Sciences Team drafted another whitepaper – this one entitled “Life Lessons: Accelerating Innovation in Life Sciences”. This whitepaper covers the brave new world of pharmaceuticals in the 21st century, where the way we understand, treat and monitor health is shaped by big data and advanced analytics. It examines the acceleration of drug development, AI in diagnostics, faster trials, and smoother, smarter ways of doing R&D in the pharmaceutical industry.

As ever, the International Innovation Barometer was also a useful resource for the Life Sciences team. This year’s report, which went live in September, had numerous interesting findings from the Life Sciences respondents. This led to a string of coverage in the sector press, including Gold, PharmiWeb, BioWorld and PharmaIQ.

Stay tuned for more next year.

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