Upping the anti

The rising prospects of next-generation biotherapeutics

Cover image - Upping the anti

After the public health cataclysm of 2020, the importance of pharmaceutical R&D – and arming the body’s immune system, in particular – has never loomed so large.

For the field of antibody research, this surge of interest is not so much a necessary shot in the arm as a booster for a vigorous field of high promise.

As rapid success with vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapeutics against Covid-19 works wonders for Big Pharma’s image, scores of actors large and small are striving to advance antibody technologies and therapies, in the UK and internationally.

In this whitepaper, we put antibodies under the microscope and cover:

  • History of antibodies
  • Markets & brands
  • Antibody libraries & production
  • Bispecifics
  • Biosimilars

Research and development is a core aspect of life sciences and the advances happening in biotherapeutics, but most of the underlying work is not being recognised. R&D plays a pivotal role in the advancement of the Life Sciences sector and companies could use the opportunity presented by the scheme to reinvest in innovation, speeding up the advances in technology that will shape the future.