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Accelerating innovation in life sciences

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The day is coming when a fully sequenced genome could also be delivered with each new birth. Together, child and dataset would grow in a brave new world of highly personalised medical therapies and preventative healthcare.

If this sounds utopian (or dystopian, given how personal genetic data could be misused), developments now unfolding in data and medical science make this just one of the various plausible scenarios for 21st-century healthcare.

How we understand, treat and monitor people’s health will be shaped by Big Data and advanced analytical methods, and it’s already happening.

As in other sectors, COVID-19 has accelerated change and digitalisation within the field. The global health crisis concentrated political, and business minds as life-saving vaccines were developed in short order. Providing a shot in the arm for the life sciences sector, more investors are backing health-tech and biotech entrepreneurs with greater resources while regulators consider how to create more conducive conditions for growth. The sector is setting new records in investment and activity, spurring scientific progress that will lead to the development of new treatments.

This Business Note examines three aspects of this burgeoning life sciences arena:

This whitepaper covers:

  • Accelerated drug development
  • AI in diagnostics
  • A faster track for trials
  • Smoother, smarter
  • And more!

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