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December 16, 2021

Manufacturing is a hotbed of innovation. Lately, the sector has been going through a transition in which long-talked-about technology is finally implemented.

The last few years have seen huge progress with automation, data and technology, improving productivity and providing a platform for growth. But, in his piece published in Industrial News in January, Robert Miles argues the industry is on the cusp of another step forward. The fourth industrial revolution was hailed as a new era in manufacturing, but Industry 5.0 is gradually becoming a reality.

The article – entitled “Industry 5.0: How far off are we?” – looks at the future of manufacturing and some of the emerging technologies, such as 3D printing, big data, new materials and virtual reality. While industry 4.0 focused on automation, Industry 5.0 aims to drive interconnectivity between robots and humans. Later in the year, this piece was also published in Connectivity.

When it comes to manufacturing innovation, electric vehicles are another hot topic. Many countries have announced that new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned, accelerating the industry’s race to go electric. But manufacturers have a mountain to climb to compete with their fossil fuel counterparts. R&D plays a major role in the advancement of all-important battery technology as well as bringing down costs. This is what we explore in our whitepaper “Giga Economy: Powering the Battery Revolution”.

This year, our team also turned its attention to food and beverage. As outlined in Apostolos Zacharakis’s piece “AI and Data Analytics are Revolutionising Agriculture”, the way we feed the planet has key challenges, ranging from climate change to population increase. The industry has to find ways to modernise if we are to feed the world sustainably, for which AI and data use will be critical. Apostolos’s piece was also published in FMCG Magazine.

The theme of sustainability is of course prominent across food innovation. Notable, in his piece second piece of the year “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What about Rethink?”, Apostolos calls for a rethink of food packaging towards alternative compostable sources.

The changes that must happen are fundamental and far-reaching. But technology, climate change and people’s needs are propelling innovation forward. Consumers are demanding healthier diets and encouraging innovation in foodtech and agritech, such as lab-grown meat, while e-commerce changes how we buy food. The team pulled of these trends together in publishing their whitepaper, “The Food Revolution: Appetite for Innovation. Hunger for Change”.

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