Ventilators, vaccines and veggie delivery boxes – The 2020 manufacturing round up

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January 25, 2021

As we say farewell to 2020, Ayming reflects on the key stories, opinions and coverage that have shaped the year. From fast-tracked ventilators to meat-free farming, the Manufacturing sector continued to innovate…

Last year, our spokespeople were encouraged by how manufacturing has innovated in the face of unforeseen circumstances, with Dyson being a primary example of this.

With the UK lacking ventilators, Dyson set up a production line to produce them, with their designers creating a ventilator from scratch in just 10 days. This was all made possible due to having an advanced R&D structure in place, with Mark Smith, Partner, Innovation Incentives, commenting in PES Media and Digital Journal on how “having a streamlined R&D operation can deliver tangible results, and ahead of competitors”.

A key focus of our team has been around how R&D has and will continue to play a crucial role in companies withstanding the shock of the pandemic. This was reflected in the findings of our International Innovation Barometer, included in Manufacturing Management, which cited how the Covid-19 crisis was “pushing firms towards new ways of innovation”.

Our team identified the first budget of 2020 as an important moment for the manufacturing and food industry, as the government laid out their plans to drive forward R&D and innovation in the UK. But, there were concerns that it didn’t go far enough, with Mark Smith commenting in both The Engineer and Power Engineering International, on how these measures had a lot of potential but their future success depends on support from measures and ensuring they aren’t bogged down in red tape.

The food and drink sector is an ongoing area of interest. The sector is constantly innovating, whether that’s independent retailers, producers or distributors. Ashley Pollock, Assistant Manager, R&D Incentives, explained how those in the industry can take advantage of R&D tax relief, a valuable resource, particularly for smaller businesses in Speciality Food Magazine.

Ayming has been incredibly impressive, with brainy people very quickly and efficiently understanding all our R&D prerogatives and delivering the results, leaving us to get on with the cobbling! A pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any company engaged in innovation.”
Galahad Clark, MD and Founder, Vivobarefoot

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