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Uncovering 7 figures of qualifying expenditure for Fuse Universal

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Intro to the client

Founded in 2008, Fuse Universal Limited is an AI-driven learning platform dedicated to driving engagement and performance by making knowledge accessible for enterprises, with the stated aim to ‘set knowledge free.’

Relationship with Ayming

Since 2019, Ayming’s tech and software specialist team has worked alongside Fuse Universal to claim R&D tax relief under the SME R&D tax relief scheme. Most recently, Ayming supported Fuse Universal to complete their year-end 31st December 2022 claim report. In addition to conducting thorough interviews with Fuse Universal’s software engineering team and qualifying projects for R&D tax relief, Ayming’s technical experts drafted highly detailed accompanying technical documentation to support Fuse Universal’s R&D tax relief claim.

Insights - Case Study - Fuse

What Ayming did

After leading initial technical discussions with Fuse Universal to scrutinise several qualifying R&D projects, Ayming’s technical team delivered three detailed technical narratives to demonstrate the nature of the work undertaken by Fuse Universal and how it fulfils the requirements of the HMRC R&D tax requirements.

Throughout the research and development process for these projects, Fuse Universal’s software engineering team was required to produce highly complex integrations, consolidate stack technologies across disparate software systems, and produce novel technological tools tailored to their clients. Neither experts from Fuse Universal nor those from the software engineering field knew whether their project goals were technologically feasible. As a result, Fuse Universal’s R&D team faced several technological uncertainties. The Ayming team identified and highlighted these uncertainties in a report to HMRC, demonstrating the innovative and uncertain nature of the tasks undertaken by Fuse Universal.

Results & Innovation

The most recent claim year resulted in a 7-figure qualifying expenditure total and a significant net tax benefit to the company.

Fuse Universal and Ayming have successfully partnered with Ayming since 2019 and we plan to further develop the relationship to optimise their future R&D tax relief claims.

The Ayming team’s genuine understanding of our business has made the process of our R&D tax claims simpler than before and financially more successful. They’ve helped to deliver real value as a partner.
Christopher Dalton, Head of Finance
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Our client

Fuse Universal

  • Learning and knowledge platform
  • Founded in 2008
  • Revenue: £9.9m (2021)