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Guiding PCE through its HMRC enquiry

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PCE is a market leader in offsite, hybrid pre-cast concrete engineered structures, and provides complete design and build solutions using BIM technology and offsite manufacture.

A former client of Ayming’s, PCE was claiming through an external accountant when an enquiry was launched by HMRC. Having initially had all aspects of the claim rejected PCE contacted Ayming to guide it through the process and to engage with HMRC. Are you going through an enquiry, or want to know what might happen if you do? Get in touch and one of our team can talk you through our HMRC Enquiry Support service.

The Ayming team helped us with our HMRC enquiry, ensuring that we got the positive outcome we needed. Working with R&D specialists rather than generalists made all the difference for us.”
Graeme Firth, Commercial Director, PCE

The project

Ayming’s project team, already familiar with PCE’s business and technical processes, was able to quickly familiarise itself with the submitted claim, and provide appropriate initial responses to HMRC. Ayming conducted in-depth technical interviews with PCE staff and was able to answer HMRC’s questions effectively and efficiently. Ayming mediated the entire enquiry process, working closely with HMRC and PCE in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

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HMRC engagement

For SMEs it can be difficult to engage effectively with HMRC. There is the “Advanced Assurance” process for the smallest of companies, but the take-up of this has been poor. Larger companies have a CCM, Customer Compliance Manager, assigned to them by HMRC. Regardless of your company’s size, Ayming uses its strong working relationship with HMRC to help create robust and comprehensive R&D tax relief claims that are processed correctly and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on our excellent working relationships with the tax authorities who oversee the schemes on which we provide advice. Ayming plays an active role in the HMRC R&D Consultative Committee and employs ex-HMRC personnel who have been heavily involved in the R&D tax scheme since its inception. This relationship has helped us claim over £300m in tax relief for our clients.


The Results

Supported by Ayming’s technical team, PCE was successful in its defence of the HMRC enquiry. Following the enquiry, Ayming was retained to support PCE’s future R&D tax relief claims. Conducting robust interviews as part of the claim preparation process, conducted by dual-qualified tax and technical staff, Ayming is able to submit robust R&D tax relief claims for its clients.

Typically, we engage HMRC early in the process to ensure they are fully aware of the proposed methodology and are able to make specific requests before the complete claim is submitted.

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Our client

  • A market leader in offsite, hybrid pre-cast concrete engineered structures
  • Founded in 1973

PCE Ltd is a market leader in design and build of offsite Hybrid engineered structures based on the principles of design for manufacture, founded in 1973.