Making science fiction, fact

Health, pharma & biotech trends for 2021 and beyond

Cover image - Making science fiction, fact

The world is changing at a rate faster than we’ve ever seen before.

A large proportion of that change can be attributed to life sciences research covering all work on living organisms but is largely comprised of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

On a global scale, increased competition, heightened regulatory standards and tightening purse strings are prominent drivers for innovation. More locally, research is being directed by the needs of our society; ageing populations, the need for personalised medicine, the shift from treatment to prevention and the search for sustainability are all high up on consumer wish lists.

Research and development in the related fields of health, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology will determine the future quality of life of individuals and societies in so many ways, even from the angle of climate change where biotechnology has a potentially decisive role to play in promoting sustainability.

It is against the backdrop of these compelling pressures and challenges that we need to evaluate the trends unfolding in the health and life sciences arena:

  • New pharma approaches
  • Digitalisation of therapeutics
  • Health ageing & robotics
  • Nature & sustainability