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Year in review: Construction & civil engineering

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December 16, 2021

The Construction and Civil Engineering sectors remain extremely important to our UK R&D team.

As ever, the aim is to encourage wider adoption of R&D incentives. In particular, the team has undertaken a mission to drive awareness of R&D schemes in architecture. Firms in the sector lag behind their construction counterparts in making the most of the available incentives. Many architects are unfamiliar with HMRC’s definitions of R&D and do not realise their projects may fall under the incentives criteria.

These misconceptions were once widespread in the construction sector, and our team want to raise awareness. This led one of our specialists to write a piece called “Is architecture eligible for R&D tax credits?”. The article explains that architecture is well within the sphere of R&D and calls for greater engagement in the incentive scheme. This was also featured in leading publication Design & Build as well as Architects Data File.

The team is passionate about diversity. The UK construction industry has voiced bold ambitions when it comes to improving the gender balance, but progress in the industry is slow. Female leadership is rare, and the industry is struggling to compete with other sectors for talent. With contributions from six women in the industry, the team pulled together a whitepaper taking a deep dive on the topic of Women in Construction.

The piece explores the various challenges women face, the benefits of diversity and the state of education and training, and the benefits of diversity. However, there is a massive opportunity for the industry to re-position construction as a progressive sector committed to sustainable and socially valuable development. Off the back of this whitepaper, Joana Palha wrote a piece for Construction and Civil Engineering, which articulated the key themes from the whitepaper.

Notes to Editors

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In the UK, Ayming helps businesses to improve their financial and operational performance through innovation, tax, and HR performance.

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