Lockdowns, robots and net-zero goals – The 2020 construction round up

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January 25, 2021

As we say farewell to 2020, Ayming reflects on the key stories, opinions and coverage that have shaped the year. From digitalisation and BIM, to robots and carbon emissions, the pressure continued to mount for the construction and civil engineering sector…

Despite lockdowns, the construction sector continued to accelerate its innovation, with lots of promising trends emerging. Construction was broadly allowed to continue throughout 2020, and Ben Vass, Sales Team Manager kicked us off with a piece in April about the immediate effects of Covid-19 on the sector.

In May, our team explored digitalisation in construction, with Max Pearson, Senior Manager of Innovation Incentives, and Joana Palha, Senior Manager of Innovation Incentives, authoring a piece on how Building Innovation Modelling is accelerating digitisation in a sector that has traditionally been slow to uptake new technologies.

They followed this with an article in Construction and Civil Engineering, on how robotic solutions could become the construction workforces new right hand. This may sound straight out of a sci-fi movie, but even if robots make-up 10% of the construction workforce, the boost to productivity would be significant.

Later in the year, our team’s focus shifted towards the need for the sector to become more sustainable, with a piece on our website explaining how R&D was pivotal to the UK’s net zero goals.

These thoughts were reiterated in an op-ed by Max Pearson in New Civil Engineer, which also tied in various findings from this year’s International Innovation Barometer. The need to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, while simultaneously building much needed housing and infrastructure, requires massive changes in the way the construction sector operates, from the adoption of the latest building materials, to embracing digitalisation.

Towards the end of 2020 the government announced their National Infrastructure Strategy, putting sustainability at the forefront. The teams support for sustainability is strong, so Joana Palha reacted to this with a piece for BUILD Magazine, assessing whether this was enough to hit net-zero. Her overall conclusion was that while it provided the groundwork, the sector needed to take this opportunity to drive forward innovation.

Ayming UK has a thorough grasp and full understanding of construction methodologies and engineering challenges combined with the technical tax and accounting knowledge to deliver comprehensive results.”
Paul Hickey, Finance Director, McGee

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