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March 16, 2021

Ayming has today launched the 4th edition of The Benchmark, its simple and effective tool for comparing international R&D.

The Benchmark 202116th March 2021 – Ayming, the international business performance consultancy, has today launched the 4th edition of The Benchmark, its simple and effective tool for comparing international R&D.

Complete with individual profiles, across 15 major countries, Ayming has leveraged its global R&D tax expertise to publish a yearly independent review of tax regimes. No two tax regimes are exactly alike and extracting the relevant information requires analysing and interpreting lots of legislative documents. The Benchmark gives businesses an informative, simple and user-friendly guide to global R&D schemes.

The Benchmark has been updated by Ayming’s international R&D tax experts and includes a series of comparative metrics which break down incentive schemes according to generosity of the scheme and ease of application. International incentive schemes are constantly evolving, so Ayming updates this guide regularly with the latest edition including Germany’s new R&D Tax scheme, which is now open for submissions. The simple visual overview allows the in-depth methodology to be easily digested and directly compared.

Mark Smith, Partner for Innovation Incentives at Ayming UK said, “Businesses and governments recognise the advantages of boosting R&D investment. When investing in an R&D project, businesses must decide which location best suits their project. However, existing comparative research can be long and complex making it difficult for companies to understand key information on the R&D tax processes of other countries. The Benchmark cuts through that complexity. When we introduced the Benchmark four years ago, we had a clear goal; making it easier for businesses to boost their R&D spending and feel more confident that they are getting the most out of the tax incentives on offer around the world. We’re delighted that The Benchmark continues to offer this clarity.”

The Benchmark helps businesses to answer key questions for each country included, such as:

  • Is foreign-owned R&D eligible?
  • Must R&D occur in the country?
  • How many previous financial years are claimable?
  • Is pre-approval required?
  • Are other R&D incentives available?
  • What is the level of review or enquiry expected?

The most recent edition of The Benchmark can be found here:


Notes to Editors

Ayming is a leading international Business Performance consultancy and has a global footprint. The Group is present in 15 countries: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and USA with a staff of approximately 1,300.

In the UK Ayming helps businesses to improve their financial and operational performance through innovation, tax and procurement, supply chain, working capital and operational efficiency services. The R&D team has claimed more than £600m of R&D tax benefits for its UK clients and, as a Group, analyses over 15,000 R&D and innovation projects each year.


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