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Our client is a British design and manufacturer of exterior lighting solutions. It has a wide variety of clients and projects including city councils, universities, and transport networks.

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Forward Looking Advisory

R&D tax relief claims focus on the two previous financial periods and so the industry is typically focused on looking back. At Ayming, we prefer to focus on the provision of forward-looking advisory. Once past claims are completed, we look to future claims and other innovation incentives to provide a holistic approach to our client’s future innovation strategy. By nominating and training R&D champions within a client’s business we’re able to ensure real-time capture of R&D related information, making R&D tax relief claims more robust and comprehensive, while helping identify areas for innovation grants funding from organisations such as Innovate UK and Horizon 2020.

With over 30 years’ experience in innovation incentives across Europe, and since the inception of the UK’s R&D tax relief scheme in 2000, Ayming has analysed thousands of R&D projects, and helped its clients claim over £300m in tax relief.

What we did

Ayming has partnered with this client since 2004 and is a trusted advisor for all innovation incentives. Starting with R&D tax relief claims, the client was able to capitalise on its naturally innovative approach to their business. As Ayming’s understanding of business grew, along with its own deepening understanding of the innovation incentive landscape, we were able to provide better advice on the wider innovation strategy.

Following the delivery of a number of successful R&D tax relief claims, Ayming helped the client to apply for grant funding through Innovate UK. The joint venture was an innovative project to develop dynamic lighting to improve customer experience at railway stations.


A thorough understanding of the client’s technical capabilities allowed Ayming’s delivery team to provide extensive, forward-looking advisory. Ayming helped the company to expand its business into new areas through successful Innovate UK grant funding, while also maintaining a comprehensive and robust R&D tax relief claims process.

Ayming has been our innovation partner for over 15 years. The Ayming team took time to understand our business and we worked together to implement a robust R&D claims process. With that in place we were able to work together on future innovation opportunities.
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Our client

Lighting Manufacturer

  • British company with 40 years' experience
  • Exports to over 40 countries

Our client is a British design and manufacturer of exterior lighting solutions. It has a wide variety of clients and projects including city councils, universities and transport networks.