Performing in a crisis: Extraordinary results in uncertain times

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Performing in a crisis: Extraordinary results in uncertain times
Ayming Institute
July 28, 2020

“Performing in a crisis: Extraordinary results in uncertain times” is a timely look at how performance in the business world is changing.

The COVID-19 crisis imposed conditions on businesses which seemed previously unimaginable. Across Europe, the economy came to a halt overnight, leading to an immediate reorganisation of corporate activities. This reorganisation forced businesses to make tough decisions to avoid health tragedies and economic disasters. 

To help businesses that are facing or might face similar decisions, the Ayming Institute has gathered the testimonials of four leaders who have achieved exceptional results in order to overcome this unprecedented crisis:

Photo of Nicolas Brien

Nicolas BRIEN

CEO of France Digitale

Photo of Charles Court

Charles COURT

Head of Department in Orthopaedic Surgery of the Paris Hospitals

Photo of Michel Mathieu


Chief Executive of Crédit Lyonnais

Photo of Marie-Alice Thierry-Portmann


Human Resources Director of Ayming Group

In this book you will discover how performance involves much more than mere economic success, especially in an emergency situation. How it involves the organisation of work, the extensive implementation of remote working, and the adoption of new forms of digital communication to keep employees engaged and productive.

These experts want to share with all managers how they were able to quickly adapt their organisations to survive the initial restrictions and maintain, or even improve, their level of performance. Their experiences are collected in the book Performing in a crisis: Extraordinary results in uncertain times. This book offers businesses not only a transversal vision of managers at the heart of the crisis, but a practical guide to help overcome it.

We invite you to take a step back from the acute consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and think on our relationship with performance and the adaptability that is essential to perform in all circumstances.

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