UK Innovation Barometer 2024

Innovation island - sink or swim?

Cover image - UK Innovation Barometer 2024

Introducing the UK Innovation Barometer 2024, Ayming’s second annual deep dive into the state of UK innovation. Building on last year’s analysis of the country’s R&D landscape, the report looks at the responses from our survey of 603 senior executives (CEOs and MDs), finance leaders (CFOs and FDs), and innovation leaders (R&D and Innovation Directors/Managers) – double the pool of respondents from last year.

This year’s analysis is split into 3 key sections:

  • The science superpower?
  • Stimulating homegrown innovation
  • A new innovation strategy

Despite efforts at reform, the UK’s innovation landscape remains in flux and it is clear that we now need steadfast commitment and consistency from policymakers.

The impending election year brings with it the potential for significant shifts in innovation policy, with businesses expressing optimism for positive change regardless of the political outcome. But for the UK to realise its potential as a global innovation powerhouse, we need to have a robust innovation strategy.