Risks and opportunities

Investing in the next generation of FS technologies

Cover image - Risks and opportunities

Any change to a core banking system is like changing a Formula 1 car engine while steering at 200 mph on an uneven curve, without stopping the car. Many banks have avoided making fundamental changes to their legacy systems due to the risk of causing disruption to their service offering. 

Innovation is now banging at the doorsteps of companies new and old; changes need to be made quickly, because 6 months of delay might be the difference between market leader or forgotten company.

New players have recently joined the market, challenging the status quo and big players are trying to catch up.

In our latest whitepaper, we analyse several factors to consider when thinking about innovation strategy for investing in:

  • Replacing core legacy components
  • Hybrid cloud solutions for banking
  • Budgeting for FS innovation

Our team of experienced software developers and tax consultants will be sharing some insights into the ever-evolving world of Financial Services R&D.