Ayming’s Annabel Luxton nominated for Taxation’s Rising Star Award 2023

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March 30, 2023

Ayming is proud to announce that Annabel Luxton, R&D Tax Manager, has been shortlisted for a prestigious Tolley’s Taxation Award in the Taxation’s Rising Star category. The award is open to individuals aged 30 or younger who are making a mark in the tax profession. Annabel’s impressive achievements in her role at Ayming have earned her this recognition.

Annabel is an experienced and highly-regarded consultant and project manager responsible for delivering over £3m in client fees at Ayming UK. Since joining Ayming in 2019, Annabel has excelled and has been promoted annually based on a solid performance at each grade.

As Annabel has progressed in her career with Ayming, she has worked with increasingly large client portfolios. She has become integral to some of the company’s most significant client engagements across various sectors, including construction. Her expertise in delivering successful projects and her ability to build strong client relationships have been critical factors in her career growth at Ayming. Annabel’s contribution to the company’s success is highly valued, and her impact is felt across various departments.

One of her significant achievements outside client delivery was the creation of the Buddy School initiative, which focuses on creating the best experience for new joiners at Ayming in their first six months by providing the proper guidance and training to buddies who mentor the new joiners. The wider international Ayming Group has adopted Annabel’s Buddy School concept, and it is being built as a module in Ayming’s learning management system, Ayming Academy.

Speaking about Annabel’s success, Mark Smith, Partner, Innovation Incentives at Ayming UK, said, “Clients love Annabel for her expertise, rapport and excellent work. Her deep understanding of her clients’ systems, data, and organisation allows her to deliver exceptional results. In addition to the tremendous effort on client projects, Annabel finds time for other vital initiatives focused on enhancing our team spirit. Annabel helps lead our Women in Ayming initiative, Great Places to Work accreditation and many of our team social events.”

Ayming is committed to providing exceptional services to its clients and investing in its employees to achieve this goal. Annabel’s achievements are a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence, and her success is an inspiration to all young professionals. We wish her the best of luck with the award.

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