R&D Tax Credits

Increasing R&D Tax Relief for worldwide tool supplier, Stanley Black & Decker

“The staff at Alma CG [Ayming UK] have really improved our experience of the tax relief process. Their excellent sector knowledge and highly efficient approach has made our annual submission much simpler and has resulted in a considerable increase to our 2012/ 2013 tax relief.”


-  Gemma Ralph, Project Manager, Stanley Black & Decker Innovations

The Projects

Stanley Black & Decker Innovations Ltd (SBDI) is part of an integrated team of specialised businesses that make up the Stanley Security Group. SBDI is part of Stanley Black & Decker, an S&P 500 company and worldwide supplier of tools, hardware and security solutions. The Group's innovative products link to build integrated solutions, and are developed and tested in extensive R&D facilities and then manufactured by Stanley Black & Decker.

This was SBDI’s first R&D claim with Ayming UK. The team worked closely with SBDI’s key stakeholders to ensure all had a clear understanding of how the guidelines for claiming applied to their field of technology.

Innovations were found across numerous projects within SBDI’s portfolio, including:

Identifying & Claiming Eligible R&D Tax Benefits

Staff Protection System - A new, battery-powered, handheld mobile transceiver capable of receiving text or calls from a professional radio infrastructure, as well as sending alarm message data. These devices are designed to be used in high risk environments, such as prisons or secure hospitals.

New RFID Readers - Development of the first readers capable of reading the PAC, HID, EM and Mifare token technologies in one unit. The project also involved the invention of a unique mechanism to control a configurable output format so the reader could communicate with new and old (legacy) access panels.

And How We Helped...

The Ayming UK R&D tax team has managed three R&D Tax Relief claims on behalf of Stanley Black & Decker Innovations, identifying:  

2012: £578,038 of eligible R&D

2013: £656,807 of eligible R&D

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About Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker is an S&P 500 company and worldwide supplier of tools, hardware and security solutions.