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Delivering organisational value and employee engagement.

As a mirror of the client experience, companies must now focus their attention on employee experience and engagement. Recruitment has become a strategic challenge and needs a strong employer brand to attract and retain talent.

HR now plays a more recognized role in the transformation of the organisation. While facing many challenges, it must become a recognized centre of value creation.

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HR, facing operational and regulatory constraints must continue to reinvent itself focusing on two areas: HR management (pay, compliance and process efficiency) and the Employee Experience.

Employee engagement is key to ensuring the success of strategic transformation plans and consequent organization growth.

As such, human capital must be valued as a determinative value of the company and with which the leadership team is engaged.

Alignment between client and employee experience is a challenge across the full breadth of the HR function:

  • Compliance and digitalization of HR processes (from recruitment to employee exit)
  • Online tools and employee engagement
  • HR management and measuring the ROI
  • Understanding of business challenges
  • HR marketing and the employer brand
  • E&D and occupational health
  • Payroll management

This new perspective now places the HR function at the heart of the company’s strategy.

Ayming partners with HR functions in their operational transformation and improving the employee experience.

Our team of over 250 HR experts work with organisations across:

  • HR Information Systems and HR advice
  • Employee Engagement and Quality of Life at Work
  • HR process improvement and pay
  • Equity & Diversity
  • Occupational Health management
  • Management training
  • HR process outsourcing
  • Optimisation of temporary expenditure
  • Fleet and compensation policies

We support the HR function to meet both its strategic and operational, daily challenges.