23 March 2018

Patrick Totty, UK Sales Director at Ayming UK, receives award from Pareto Law.

We are delighted to announce that Patrick Totty, Ayming’s UK Sales Director, has received a ‘Grad to Great’ achievement award from graduate recruitment specialist Pareto Law.

We are delighted to announce that Patrick Totty, Ayming’s Head of UK Sales, has received a ‘Grad to Great’ achievement award from graduate recruitment specialist Pareto Law.

Pareto’s Grad to Great Awards recognise the achievements of outstanding business-people who were placed into a graduate sales role by the company and have since taken their careers to high levels of success.

After graduating with a first class degree in the History of Art from the University of Manchester, Patrick never envisaged a career in sales. However, following an assessment day with Pareto his skills were identified and he was placed at a multinational conferencing and collaboration solutions provider in 2002.

Via management positions at several companies, Patrick became Head of UK Sales at Ayming in 2013, and is now UK Sales Director.

Patrick says of his career so far: “I have always taken enjoyment from landing big deals and there have been some notable wins from the FTSE100 and Fortune 500 that I still look back on with a sense of achievement. However, big wins have happened enough over the span of my career that it becomes hard to distinguish which one would stand above the others. There are some memorable anecdotes to tell (another time, you’ll be pleased to read), but the better ones have, over the years, all probably been subjected to a modicum of enrichment and embellishment regarding my own prowess, deal complexity, and size of prize. Story-telling is an art, not a science.”

“All of these things are highlights but the thing that I am most proud of, and would be pleased to label as my greatest achievement, has been the journey itself. I have grown up, made friends, visited places, been married, bought a home, had children, and done all the other things that people do. My achievement is that I have had so much fun along the way, making lasting relationships with colleagues and clients, balancing on the tightrope of professional ambition and personal fulfilment. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Pareto Law’s Grad to Great awards were established in 2016 in celebration of the company’s 21st anniversary to recognise and celebrate the achievements of their alumni. With over 23,000 graduates placed over the course of 22 years, there was no shortage of nominations of people who have achieved phenomenal success for 2017’s list.

“The Grad to Great Awards came about when we hit our 21st birthday in 2016,” explains Jonathan Fitchew, CEO of Pareto Law, “At that point, we had placed a staggering 23 000 graduates into sales companies all over the world. To celebrate our special birthday, we went all out to find our most successful 21 graduates. The process inspired us, as we found that so many graduates, once placed and trained by Pareto, had gone on to achieve great things – so overwhelming is the talent out there, that we run the awards every year. Our winners span continents and industries, and their stories are as diverse as you can possibly imagine, but we think each one is an exceptional role model for anyone considering a career in sales.”