NEWS 17 February 2016

Ayming: the new name for Alma CG & Lowendalmasaï

Following our 2015 merger, Alma CG and Lowendalmasai will be rebranding globally to Ayming.


We are delighted to announce that, following the merger of Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï last year, we have now formed a new international consulting group: Ayming.

As Ayming, we now have offices in 14 countries worldwide and are focused as a group on the long-term development and improvement of businesses’ performance, both from a financial and operational standpoint. In the UK this covers a range of services including innovation funding in the form of R&D tax credits and grants, European taxation and procurement optimisation.

 UK Managing Director, Martin Hook, has commented,

“The global rebranding of our business to Ayming is an important milestone in our 30 year history.  Whilst our business name will soon be changing, our values remain very much the same; our UK team is still dedicated to improving our clients’ financial and operational performance, drawing on our particular areas of specialist expertise.  We look forward to another exceptional year, helping our clients realise tangible benefits to improve their overall business performance.”


Read the press release here