Operational Efficiency

Transforming procurement function of Fortune Global 500 staffing company

“We are happy with the increased scalability, efficiency and savings brought in by Ayming to our procurement organisation and processes.”

-  Department Head, India

Situation & challenges

Our client’s rapid growth in India resulted in the opening of more than 80 new offices in a very short period of time (almost 1 new office per week). This expansion was overwhelming for the procurement team and created strain on existing processes, resulting in stress, inefficiency, wastage and maverick spending. Our client was facing a significant challenge to effectively manage their expansion operations in India.  

Ayming was appointed by the client’s global management team to assess and restructure their procurement organisation, and their existing systems and processes for managing scalability, efficiency and cost savings. 

The project required a thorough Procurement Diagnostic to map and benchmark our client’s procurement function in an effective way, with the aim of subsequently identifying both organisational and process improvements, as well as achieving measurable cost savings.

What we did

Identify: Working closely with the client’s organisation, we gained a thorough understanding of the status-quo, including the various constraints and challenges resulting from their rapid expansion in India. 

This diagnostic enabled us to identify the key areas, processes, practices, skillsets and staff where improvements could be made, as well as mobilising the organisation for change.

Simultaneous spend analysis of all expenses was also undertaken to identify savings opportunities across key categories including finance, IT services, telecoms and facilities management. 

Transform: We implemented organisational changes within their procurement function, numerous process improvements and new tools and IT capabilities. The procurement function was repositioned as ‘critical and high value adding’ operations, separate from the admin function. 

A transformation roadmap was designed by assessing, mapping and benchmarking their current procurement organisation and processes against global standards in the staffing sector. This also included creating a skills matrix with KPIs for monitoring performance. 

And How We Helped...

The restructured procurement organisation and redesigned processes created efficiency, scalability and increased speed, helping our client to focus on their continued growth and expansion strategy. 

Employee morale increased as a direct result of the new global procurement methodologies and tools introduced. Spend analysis and supplier rationalisation delivered transparency, efficiency & cost savings. 

Maverick spending was stopped, with all spend categorised alongside contracts and agreements.

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About Our Client

A Fortune Global 500 company providing staffing services, with operations in more than 60 countries. Founded more than 20 years ago, they are one of the largest companies in their sector.