Optimising unclaimed VAT for large French University Hospital

Situation & Challenges

Ayming was appointed by our client to identify and optimise unclaimed VAT. The hospital was facing significant global cost management challenges, and wanted to regain budget stability.

The Ayming VAT team worked with the client to create a restructuring project, covering three business areas: performance improvement, support department optimisation and global cost management improvement (with a specific focus on increasing revenue from medical activities).

What we did

A tailored VAT Training Package was devised and subsequently delivered to 30 of our client’s employees.

A VAT Health Check was conducted, which involved reviewing our client’s current VAT accounting processes and records.

We also provided VAT Agent Services, which included the monitoring of VAT recovery requests and wage-related taxes, alongside ongoing negotiations with tax administration bodies. 

And How We Helped...


  • €13m of unclaimed VAT identified
  • €860k of social cost optimisation savings
  • Between €200 and €500k of monthly additional income from medical activities was identified.
  • General operational assistance was provided up until project completion.
  • Payroll software parameters were clearly defined.
  • The evaluation and coding of medical files was improved. 

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About Our Client

One of the biggest University Hospitals in France, with over 22,000 employees and an operating budget of over €1.6m.