Operational Efficiency

Identifying key areas for improvement at London NHS Procurement organisation

Situation & challenges

Given recent internal organisational changes, including the appointment of a new Director, and with an increased focus on procurement (through initiatives such as the Lord Carter Review), our client and its partner Trusts wished to review their procurement capability and identify potential gaps for improvement.       

In order to carry out the assessment, Ayming were asked to develop an approach in a formalised proposal. Our methodology was to split the assessment into two phases: 

  • Phase 1 – Assess – Looking at the “As-is” approach and comparing it to best practice. 
  • Phase 2Identify – Identifying gaps in the “As-is” and defining the developmental priorities of the organisation over the next 2-3 years.

Our client agreed with this approach and the proposed deliverables, and a number of key target dates were agreed for reviews. 

What we did

Following an initial mobilisation phase where spend and performance data was gathered and analysed, the assessment phase was conducted via a series of interviews and workshops with key internal and external stakeholders. 

The workshops were structured around Ayming’s Procurement Maturity Framework Model, which covers 5 dimensions: Strategy & Organisation, Leadership & Stakeholder Engagement, People & Capability, Process & Systems, and Performance Management.  

The model was adapted for our client to incorporate key elements of the Lord Carter Review and to align, where relevant, to the CIPS Corporate Certification Assessment Framework for Advanced Level.  

At the scheduled end of phase 1, an interim report was produced outlining key findings which were approved by our client's management.

Following the interim review and after further interaction with our client and its stakeholders, a final report was produced to agreed timelines. The report detailed key actions required to improve the performance of our client at a granular level. These included an organisational redesign to better engage with each member Trust; the development and standardisation of internal processes for category management and sourcing; and the relaunch of the service as a primarily customer focused entity.

And How We Helped...

The report was presented to our client's senior management team who agreed with the recommendations and were pleased with the output. Subsequently, a detailed implementation plan was developed in conjunction with our client including a 100 day immediate action plan highlighting pilot projects that could be delivered to improve performance and perception of key external stakeholders. Ayming has been engaged to support on the first of those initiatives following the success of the first project.

About Our Client

Our client is responsible for the delivery of end to end procurement services across a number of London NHS Trusts; effectively operating as an outsourced procurement operation with a mandate to delivery all strategic and transactional procurement across all spend categories, with the exception of pharmacy.